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Recent Testimonials


MSITL is doing a very good job, will use them on my next project coming up.

- M.E.Willis


Had a great experience overall. MSITL developed my app for both iphone and Android! They were very patient with me and went the extra mile. Thank you MSITL!



MSITL was a pleasure to work with.They delivered excellent results in a timely manner.                        

- Craig Slawson


MSITL worked with our firm on several important projects and consistently delivered great results.       

- Mike Kennedy


MSITL has provided not only excellent results with the work MSITL have done but in addition MSITL has demonstrated a clear understanding of his clients needs and works towards fulfilling those needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.

- Frank Westell


It was a pleasure working with MSITL. I recommend them for your software projects. This development was complex and risky with many previously unknown factors. MSITL tackled these obstacles with little problem. This job included Java development, Android application development and communication protocol via satellite modem.

- Gary Morgan


May, 2010


MSITL is one of the best developers we've worked with. They are responsive, professional and trustworthy. MSITL delivers what he promises and when he promises. They also understands the variables involved when partnering with a design/marketing group for third party clients. Communication and services was stellar! Highly recommended if you're looking for your project to go smoothly and come in on time and on budget. You won't be disappointed.

- Brian Murphy


April, 2010


I was very happy with MSITL's ability to expand on our vision and create an application that was robust and able to have future growth potential. This was our first iPhone application and I was leary at first working with an off-shore developer but we were able to communicate well through Skype and email and I am actually surprised at the FEW times we literally spoke live-time -- and still managed to get the job done. MSITL used a lot of inginuity and insight from our requirements spec to produce a back end GUI that is easy to use and maintain. I am glad that they were willing to collaborate with me extensively during the testing phase because otherwise I am not sure they would have produced such a clean end-product. I am looking forward to expanding the application even more now and hope to work with the team again.

- Healthcare Communications Group


April, 2010


Project Name: Website maintenance and modification

The provide did a very good job. They offer to American clients good costs, American office and offshore services. The provider was very co-operative as the project developed and was alble to adapt to the changing requirements of the job. It is important to be careful with language difference in dealing with offshore providers, but these are very honest business people who only want to build good business relations. As well they have a representative in the Washington, DC area which gives the provider a mainland presence and offshore work force who are very competitive. This provider provides the best of both worlds. Give them a try.

-Mr. Lawrence Miles


February 28, 2010


I am the President of a temporary staffing agency based in Orange County California. Over the past 15 years we have had several software programs developed and written for billing and scheduling. Along with those have been various updates, so consequently we have encountered several programming companies that left us with a product that didn�t perform as specified or had no support after the program was complete. Recently we developed a new medical software product for credential management and web based competency testing. MSITL was the company we chose to develop this new complex software for us and also to make changes to this program for a period of 6 months. I have found their program itself to perform as specified and equally as important has been their excellent and rapid response support team. Even now that our software program is complete and running well, we continue to receive excellent support for changes after the sale. I would highly recommend MSITL to anyone in the medical field looking to develop custom software.

- Todd


July 20, 2009


Thanks for all you've done for me on this project! I certainly would never forget it. Thanks!

- Babatunde


July 17, 2009


I believe this completes all requirements raised by our first project scope. I am very happy to have found your company for my development work and look forward to continue doing business with you in the future. Your team has done a great job! I look forward to completing our most recent project. Thanks

- Matt


May 15, 2009


I am impressed by the good solid work delivered by MSITL. The team had the required technical knowledge and ensured that they got their doubts clarified when required. This saved rework. The team was always ready to accept changes (as quite a few things evolved as we went ahead with development). Communication was excellent and the team updated me with progress regularly. Management was good. I am quite satisfied with the support I received after the development. I would recommend working with MSITL without any reservations as I will myself work with them again. Full marks - (10/10). They deliver!

- H Jain


Apr 20, 2009


Excellent work by MSITL 's team. This was my first experience with and I am very satisfied. The team had good technical skills for the coding from scratch of a mysql database with several user features. Communication was excellent, from the bidding process to the very end, both via e-mail and Instant Messaging. Comments were addressed quickly and the end result is exactly what I wanted, and in a couple of aspects creative suggestions by the team worked even better than what I had thought. Everything was delivered on time, and the team even worked on weekends to turn around comments. I would definitely use MSITL 's team again for such work.


Some extra work that was beyond the original scope of the project was done very quickly and at a very reasonable price. Thanks again!

- Raphael


Apr 05, 2009


The MSITL team is excellent to work with. I cannot say enough good things about the company. Everyone has worked with a high level of ethics, delivered what they promised to deliver, and always have outstanding communication skills. I will continue to use them.

- Nathan


Dec 22, 2008


Thanks for your good wishes. It�s been a great year for Babel this year, and a large part of that was due to your excellent work at MSITL. Although trying, it�s been well worth it. Well done to all and merry XMAS!.

- Kevin


Oct 23, 2008


Resourceful and patient in meeting my requirements.

- Carmelo


Oct 15, 2008


Thanks so much for your teams great work. You are all doing a great job. I appreciate it. You are making my business look very good! You provided great work. Our working relationship is going very well. I am completely satisfied. Thanks for your help.

- Andrew


Sep 23, 2008


These guys went beyond the word service. They worked with me patiently as I made many changes along the way. They treated me fairly and with respect. I plan on using them on every project in the future. You will not go wrong by choosing these guys for your next project.

- Doug


Sep 23, 2008


We were very happy with the quality of work that was done. They had a very good understanding of our project and worked hard to meet our needs. We were very happy with the overall work. We ended up having a ruling against us that required we change some details of the project. They were very helpful in fulfilling our new requirements and changing course. We did run into a few delays that prolonged our project. Once the site was ready to go online we ran into a significant delay in getting the site on our hosting account. They worked hard to resolve the issue and got it up and running although it was significantly longer than we expected. We will continue to work with them as we were really happy with the work and effort they put into the project.

- Bryan


Aug 30, 2008


I really enjoyed working with your company. I thank you very much for putting together a great demo site to use. I hope to get sales from the demo site so that I can use your services. Thanks again for a great job.

- Robert


Aug 19, 2008


This was our first experience doing development through a service like Elance, so we had some teething pains to get started, but after we linked up with MSITL, it all became easy. They made all of the changes to our website and answered all of our questions promptly. We are looking forward to working with them on the next phase of our web site development.

- Eric


Aug 11, 2008


We very much enjoyed working with MSITL. Unlike some previous providers we had used, they did *exactly* what we wanted and were able to quickly understand and work with our existing code. The completed the work perfectly on schedule and on budget, and had great follow-up. We will definitely use them again.

- Lewis


Aug 8, 2008


We worked through an easy template change. Would use again.

- Joshua


Aug 7, 2008


We have outsourced our entire web programming and IT management function to this service provider. Their excellent technical expertise and service attitude have helped to put our minds at ease since we have immediate access to their team around the clock. We no longer need an in-house IT person who could only do a small portion of the work this company provides, at a lower cost.

- Laura


Aug 1, 2008


They were very smart and knew what they were doing good people to work with.

- Mike


Jul 27,2008


Job well done - thanks.

- Neil


Jun 22, 2008


Overall feedback: much better than our previous programmers. Attention to us (clients) is higher and better than our past programers. Project Level feedback: your programmers lack better quality assurance which is very important; however we are satisfied with overall level and will continue working with you. On the other hand programmer fulfilled small additional tasks which were not included in the project, which probably take 5-10 min, however we appreciate that which shows more personal attention to the client (us).

- Paul


May 28, 2008


Excellent work. Will use company again.

- Mr. James


Mar 5, 2008


Got the job done when many other said it wasn't possible.

- Emily


Apr 10, 2008


MSITL took on a complicated site that another company left unfinished. His team worked hard to repair all the work. It took longer than expected, but with a new project, that would not have been a problem. It was good to have a team that never complained and stayed with me until it was completed. In the days when a lot of the work is done outside U.S., it is nice to have someone who returns calls immediately!

- Kei


Mar 29, 2008


I am happy with this group. They are very well organized and their work is perfect!

- Christina


Feb 1, 2008


This team may be new but I am glad I got on board. They are very competent and very fast communication. They have 24 hour teams which I like. Had some great ideas for improvements I overlooked. I see a long term relationship.

- Ron


Oct 24, 2007


�MSITL team provides superior service and excellent results. They never missed a deadline, could change course quickly, communicating efficiently and effectively and were totally dependable. In the world of Information Technology providing solutions to our customers is complex and always changing. It's a stressful world and difficult to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations -- MSITL helped us meet our goals - where results are critical. MSITL team is first on our call list for building robost IT solutions in dot net and J2EE.�

- Michelle


Oct 19, 2007


I would strongly recommend MSITL to anyone that needs a large or complicated project done fast and under budget. His team has a very broad technical expertise, and they can rush a project where necessary. MSITL team has been excellent about correcting the few misunderstandings that have arisen in our project, and has provided a steady flow of feedback on the progress of every aspect of the project.

- Will


Aug 11, 2007


�MSITL has provided not only excellent results with the work they have done but in addition they have demonstrated a clear understanding of his clients needs and works towards fulfilling those needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.�

- Eugene


Jul 24, 2007


"I hired the MSITL team to build the Shoes 'R Us site really without giving them a whole lot of direction. MSITL team took the project from the ground up, from page design, to writing their own comparison algorithms, to uploading massive product catalog files, to hosting, to back-end support. As you can see, the finished project is impressive! They were responsive to email inquiries and my many "debugging" requests. The MSITL team worked diligently to resolve any misunderstandings and miscommunications, and ultimately produced a very professional site and robust admin site for me. I plan on contracting with them again for future projects."

- Nick


Dec 21, 2006


MSITL firm work as a Teaming Partner with Competitive Innovations, LLC on a 12+ month project in code development and business processes for the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) project for �Reengineering and web-enabling Technical Change Management� Navy Shipmain�s Entitled Process (EP) processes for all shipboard alterations.

- Richard


Jul 18, 2006


MSITL team has done a fantastic job in bidding for the project. They were very professional and I am very sure that they will deliver a good product. This is just part I. There will be more to come. You got to get him to do your projects for you.



Oct 10, 2005


I could tell right from the start that MSITL team would be an easy professional to work with. Does what They say They are going to do and gets it done in a timely manner. I feel like I can trust MSITL . They will be getting a lot more work from me in the future.

- Caroll