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IT Training & Placement Services

MSITL Education and Placement Academy (MEPA)


MEPA focuses on helping students to become an easily employable resource. It is not a substitute for academic institution. It acts as a “Center of Excellence”, where students undergo very unique and practically proven facilitation in order to make them employable and can stand in the market to face the practical competitive world. It stands as an interface between the educational institutes and corporate world.  

MEPA attracts talent pool from both domestic as well as international institutes, training them to become employable and placing them in Good Corporation. It serves the students by empowering them with the practical knowledge based learning as well as it connects the corporate world and facilitates easy access to ready to deploy and quality resources

MEPA is a Center for Excellence, where the aspirations of both Corporate (Resource Need) and Students (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) are achieved. It proposes the courses for both Indian as well international Students.

MEPA’s Training

Training Area

The Concepts of “On Job Training” is not drafted, but evolved and practically proved over a period of time in MSITL. Academy offers Training Program to both Indian and International Students in the following area:

Training Model

MSITL has adopted a unique Training Methodology to train technical professionals. This has given good result in shaping up its IT Professional to meet competency expectation. The Training model is a paper free and there is no inclination towards classroom sessions. The cyclic process of Review, Job accomplishment, research and feedback on a particular task will ensure the improvement in their technical capabilities. There won’t be a separate Training team which executes training, instead the working environment will ensure the same. Scenario based practical sessions, feedback methodology and evaluation System will help the candidates to feel comfortable. Instead of teaching on a technology, the training concentration will be on guiding an individual to accomplish his task.

MEPA’s Placement

Academy has two ways of placements one placing the Trained students, who undergone Training in our Academy and the second one is, placing the eligible candidates to the corporate. Academy will place the trained candidates to the corporate. The outside candidates (Apart from Academy Students) will be placed only after doing the certification of the candidates.

MEPA’s Certification

MEPA will provide training to candidates to get certification, so that candidates will get placed in good Organization. The Academy offers Certification programs to both International and Domestic Students. The Certification program mainly catered to the Experienced IT Professionals, who are planning to enhance their knowledge and seeking for the onsite opportunity.