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Hosting & Production support

MSITL’s hosting and Production support services are focusing on providing hosting services such as shared hosting service, dedicated hosting service and virtual private server. Also we provide quality website maintenance service which has unique feature such as Quick turnaround of service or change request , Planned and phased enhancements to improve performance of applications, Helpdesk and production support for the problem.

In the current economic environment, focusing on core competencies is the key to survival and success. Businesses are facing increased network complexity, changing bandwidth needs, and reduced budgets. Corporate often find that traditional solutions are not good enough to cope with the ongoing demands, and future requirements, thereby distracting them from focusing on their core strategies. So, in this cut-throat competition, companies are increasingly looking at outsourcing services to managed service providers. Not only this, it helps them in reducing manpower and also doing it in a cost-effective manner.

Our cost-effective hosting plans cover the requirements of even the most demanding customers from the web professionals, through the small businesses and even the large business corporations requiring features such as hosting of several domains (multiple domain hosting), e-commerce, free domain registrations, etc. Web hosting is just the corner stone for your professional internet presence. We can assist you in building your complete internet presence - from the web hosting & e-mail services to the development of your web site and its support.