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E-Governance, Work flow Automation & GIS

The common theme behind the e-governance involves automation or computerization of existing form based procedures that will prompt new styles of leadership, new ways of debating and deciding strategies, new ways of transacting business, new ways of listening to citizen and communities and new ways of organizing and delivering information.

To citizens and businesses, e-governance would mean the simplification of procedures and streamlining of the approval process. To government employees and agencies, it would mean the facilitation of cross-agency coordination and collaboration to ensure appropriate and timely decision making.

E-Governance uses Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to induce changes in the delivery and standards of governance services and more importantly, in the way citizens interact and participate in the governance sphere.

MSITL’s Contribution

MSITL has developed its expertise level to develop various e-governance portals. MSITL has delivered innovative e-governance solutions thereby enabling government worldwide to improve the quality of their services and improve their relationships with their citizens and the private sector.