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The Top six reasons for E-Governance failure
There were a number of reasons for e governance projects not doing well or falling short of expectations. Many should be applicable across national boundaries and could serve as...
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Uses of GIS in Various Businesses
Geographical Information Systems have become a main point and a saviour for many businesses and organizations where geographical images and maps are a main component...
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What are the essential factors to be considered before choosing an ERP application?
Enterprise resource planning and implementation in any organization needs knowledgeable selection of the right ERP software. Let's face it - if your company grows, you are going to
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Four important steps for creating a Social Network Marketing Strategy
Social network marketing offers huge potential to merchants both online and off. Because 2/3 of the global internet population visit social networks. The immense and growing
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5 Key factors which will help you in choosing a reliable web hosting
Choosing right web host for your website has become a real challenge nowadays. There are so many cheap web hosting companies offering multiple packages for your online
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