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Social Media

National Athletic Association
National Athletic Association ("NAA") is the only athletic driven website that represents every organized sport. It is the Social Networking site for Sports community that can connect all sports personnel across the world into one domain so that the talent search and talent identification for coaches are made easy as well benefit the sportsman to identify their coaches and further opportunities.

Remcloud is a social network that connects people through their dreams. Post your dreams every day and experience the connection. When we enter the dream and submit the dream using “Post to face book” button. It will redirect to the face book authorize popup to get the login credential of the face book user.

Industree Website
Industree Website is designed to discover and promote new music and emerging artists. Each artist has a profile that typically contains basic info, updates on the profile, photos, shows and music for streaming. Artists have the option of making each of their songs available for free download. Listeners and fans can also create profiles to interact with artists and vice versa, as well as track and share music that they like.

Hollywood Show Business
This is a portal for Media Industry which provides or facilitates the media people to collaborate and share their passions, innovations so that it can reach Aspiring Musician. Because of this show we are able to modularize some of the best features of available community websites. We are able to customize every Professional Musician’s website by implementing those modules covered by show business .com. We delivered this solution as a module based plug and play tool.

Zyzygy is a video social networking site. It provides facility to upload personal videos, communication between the users and networking facilities. It also has the facility of group, forum, blog and Event to share their ideas and invention. Solution provides a video conferencing facility to enable users to talk face-to-face with their friends and family across town or overseas. By using Video email feature of this solution, users can have videos seamlessly embedded into their emails to better attract the attention of viewers.

Video Email
Videos are a great marketing tool and it can be used to describe a product or service in detail, without any confusion. It creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. The use of both visual effects and sounds is an effective way of gaining a viewers attention. Having web videos passed along through e-mails and word of mouth is an excellent way to gain brand recognition. Rich Video Email is a web based application helps users to send email which having videos by uploading or capturing them.

Tea helps to bring all Tamil Intra & Entrepreneurs together. It is focused on a smaller community and focuses Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs. Users can able to register in to various sections and their request will be posted in this website. Once user registered in this website, he will start getting emails related to their request.

Fanatic live
Fanatic live is a sports video chat site. It provides facility to do online video conferencing with multiple people, text and video chat. It also has the facility to invite her Friends and from other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, RSS.

The Vault
The Vault is a patent-pending electronic transaction solution that provides of the safe and convenient transferring of money between "friends" and other contacts and presents and operates within the existing social media (Face book).

Kids gurus
Kids gurus is a web site with the motto of bring all the kids and the teens under a safe Social networking roof. This is a place where the kids can practice all their creativities including writing their stories, poems, essays, drawings and create their own made greeting cards and send to their friends & families. It also offers kids to upload photos and videos, play games, email and chat with their friends and families.