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Mobile App

Print App
This application is used to send client data (Images, Web pages, and Emails) from iPhone to Remote Printer using secure port. It will verify the driver using an id and password and collect money and sends data’s to the server to take print.

This application will help the users within their areas to pinpoint the location and contact information for the places in various categories in both list and map view.

This application will aid users within pre-defined metropolitan areas to pinpoint the location and contact information for the aid organizations within their area. The geo-locator mapping feature of this application helps the user to view the nearby organizations in map view.

Share Riding App
It is an application to plot the users who wishes to share their ride with others on the map. Users can share their ride with other user and save time & reduce cost of their ride. In this application, we use mobile interface for communicating between users with GPS to find out the appropriate location of users who share their ride. And also we make it as in user friendly, more securable application to the user and single hand held application.

Alarm clock
Sergeant Alarm clock app is designed to make specified loud sound at a specific time. This is main purpose of this application (Alarm clock).There are five main functional features in drill alarm such as Add alarm, show alarm list, delete alarm and more.

TRIOS are a software-based voice communication and interoperability solutions for public safety, utilities, and other commercial enterprises. Trios utilize thin-client software to provide virtual, on-screen talk groups (or chat rooms) with other connected users. Trios client users can establish one-to-one conversations or group conversations, depending on the talk groups which have been pre-established.