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Market Place

Quote Juggler
Quote Juggler is an auction site (B2B). Here distributor can get direct access to a global supplier marketplace to seek bids to fulfill customer orders. Distributors save time and receive competitive pricing with minimal effort and cost. For suppliers who participate, they have exposure to a bigger market opportunity and are able to reduce their sales costs. Quote Juggler creates a unique win – win opportunity for both sides of a transaction.

It is an auction site for Fitness Industry. Using this website, Health Clubs can be able to post their needs on the site and for suppliers to respond to them. For example, a Health Club would post that they need 35 yoga mats and 10 cases of gym wipes. Other suppliers would quote on the products.

Planet Outlet
This is the largest Auction Site for Shoes and Foot wears. The Features of Planet Outlet are Different bidding methods like proxy bidding and multiple bidding like EBay and Different Brand listing & Different Style listing under brands. This site consists of 2 major modules. The Seller module in where the items are listed for selling by the Seller and buyer module in where the items are listed with different style and size and color. The Admin module is for approving the Seller and their products (ie) item management, Auction management and Content and Email Management.

Ready Ups
ReadyUps provides an open market for selling and buying the leads for a particular products or services. This website provides information about the leads, which is available for purchase. Apart from just giving information about the Name and number, the solution also gives information on ability, stability and willingness to pay. Eliminate market inefficiencies and increase the profitability of every customer in getting into a car.

Real Sports Interactive
Real Sports Interactive is auction and E-commerce site (B2B). This site is used to do bid for the sportsmen cards and to sell the same. It is the only place where fans can invest on professional athletes. Players rarely make enough money to support them. Real Sports Interactive allows fans to purchase Sponsorship Cards of each RSI player. Fans can help players to get better nutrition, supplements, training aids, equipment and much more. These cards can be sold to other RSI members through a secondary market called the RSI Trading Floor. Once the sponsored athlete reaches the Major Leagues, fans that purchased the card can able to access amazing benefits.

Walsaq is a freelance auction website which brings buyers and sellers together for their mutual benefits. On Walsaq, business finds the experts or expertise firm, by comparing their competencies, quoted prices and potential quality of the service. Walsaq offers flexible, cost effective and high informative environment to the companies to access skilled and talented pool of professionals to get their work done and in turn to get paid for their efforts.