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Federal and Health care

It is a web based solution for managing credential and maintains compliance. ECS provides instant access to all data and image files as well as being a primary licensure verification tool via a direct link to the governing bodies for each discipline. Our ECS website combines cutting-edge credentialing specialist technology with reliability and ease of use to meet all credentialing needs for maintaining and checking your personnel’s credentials.

Enterprise Financial Management System
It provides a cost-effective, resource-efficient, risk-reducing option for Federal agencies. This tool is accessed over the Internet and available to users from any location with Internet access. The web-based infrastructure also supports electronic signatures and automated e-mail notification for selected users based on changes to status values.

Workflow Management System
Entitled Process online ship change tracking system consists of a various phases of processing the Ship Change Document (SCD). The current phase being developed is to handle the Phase one of the SCD. This starts from initiation process till the voting and approval process of the SCD used within the Naval commands to coordinate the ship change process.

Property Management System
It is a web based tool which helps users to maintain their properties and generate various customizable reports related to the same. This tool also provides search feature for properties based on various parameters such as location info, owner info, and property info. Users can also view the properties in mapping view.

Information Sharing site
MSITL has supported ISE in developing and maintaining a share point version of this portal to share the information dynamically. It also has the facility of news, blog and Forums to share their information.

Survey Tool (PEG)
To facilitate the All Hazard Risk Assessment process, the Team is developing a custom survey tool for use in performing the assessments. The survey tool will identify common needs, foster communication, and deliver appropriate reports for SAA. The goal of this project is to create an easy to use tool conduct assessments of the U.S. Senators home offices. The information gathered and the determined risk rating will assist the SAA in determining and prioritizing what offices require what mitigation measures. The tool will accomplish this by providing clear and consistent reports as to the current condition of the facilities and the all hazards risks.

MyHomecareBiz has been developing intuitive home health software that automates patient care, billing, scheduling, physician orders and other components of home care management. Our home health electronic medical record software is designed, developed and tested by hundreds of home health care nurses and therapists every day. Our team of home health nurses and therapists have developed a home health care system and clinical software application that requires only the essential amount of data entry, yet produces the most comprehensive clinical and financial reporting available. Instead of pages and pages of forms and checklists, nurses and therapists spend only the minimal amount of time completing paperwork and most of their time caring for patients. Meanwhile, MyHomecareBiz's homecare software produces all the required CMS, JCAHO and CHAP documentation through expert programming and understanding of regulatory, homehealthcare compliance.