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Embedded Solution

ERP Software

The Secured Biometric HR System is designed and developed for integration into an ERP product developed for a Media company. This is a device which is controlled by the finger print technology and is developed to monitor the complete HR system of any corporate. This system stores the complete profile of the employee who holds the Biometric device. Once logged in using the bio-metric device his complete working hours including the leave details are monitored automatically by this device and the report is automatically sent to the concerned authority. It enables the complete automation of HR system including the salary calculation.

Serial to Ethernet communicator

This embedded based Input Output unit converts the multiple input analogue signals coming from RADAR into a digital format and makes it transferable via Ethernet to other location. This is one of the most critical parts of frontline RADARs being used. This product is very compact and highly portable and works for most secured data transfer and data conversion in network area.

Secure Biometric Device

It is a secured storage device and Enabling the Virtual Worker a secure work environment worldwide from any USB enabled workstation Online or Offline with control enabled at the Enterprise or Departmental level operations like secured data transfer, secured windows application use. Whenever device is plugged into a laptop or desktop computer, the user must authenticate with a biokey before encryption keys are enabled and data and applications will be accessible. AES 256 Cipher-Block Chained mode algorithm is used for encrypting the fingerprint and the secured drive partition which provides more security for the users since it is hardware encryption. The FIPS complaint UPEK sensor and micro-controller are used in this device to make it a standard product.

ROOM Booking system

Room Booking Management System (RBMS) is a powerful Windows application tool for managing the hotel rooms. This system is suitable for all types of lodges, resorts and guesthouses. System is mainly designed for managing the Room Booking activities, customers and to generate various Reports. Room Booking Management System enables our customers to increase the efficiency of their organization and even saves time.

FastNET Connection Optimizer

FastNet Connection Optimizer is a solution for bandwidth optimization and VPN. The purpose of FastNet project is to have a suite of services to deliver the solution for bandwidth optimization and VPN through FastNet LinkJet. In additional to these, web interfaces of Tier 1-2-3 level Technical support are also provided to support the services. The main purpose of FastNet is, it creates secure tunnel for all bandwidth optimization data transfers between FastNet LinkJet and TS Network Operations Center Servers using SSL via TCP. It provides full firewall and router features and includes antivirus protection. It has a hardened Linux based Operating System.